Monday, September 20, 2010

New Items in Cottage and Castle

Good evening one and all!
I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. 
I am slowly going bonkers at home with too much time on my hands (how could that be, you ask yourself).
I reckon everything in moderation, even alone time.
Still, I am slowly adding more goodies to my new store on Etsy.
Fancy a peak?

This is a really lovely, heavily etched, silver plate tray.

This tray I turned into a chalk board because it was a bit shabby.

This one was fun. It goes well with the teapot one I did last week.

  You too can have your initial on a platter!

The last two are some nice shabby baskets that I can think of a myriad uses for.

I was working on a Halloween themed decoupage plate for Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy, but I used this really awful stuff (which I have tossed in the bin) called Liquid Laminate. Pretty much ruined the project. I should have stuck with good old M P!
If it dries and I can salvage it, I will show it to you later.

I had to get out of the house today as I was going stir crazy, but I PROMISE tomorrow I will get my studio in order before I break my neck falling over all the stuff on the floor.
Mr. Shabby actually dared to come in and he didn't say a word, bless him!



  1. Thank you for stopping by Anne! Too funny, we both are sharing the wreath this week! I especially like the silverware on the tray! Now I NEVER even thought about spray painting those dollar tree platters . . . .


  2. Hi! Stopping by from The Graphics Fairy. Great projects. I am very partial to the utensils...I have been on a utensil kick at my house!
    504 Main

  3. Love it!! They are all gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking this up to Brag Monday.


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