Sunday, September 26, 2010

International Woman of Mystery

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I did my first 'Secret Shopper' gig!

It was sooooooo much fun and I came home saying "I could do this every day!"

My mission, which I chose to accept, was to visit a well known upscale clothing store and purchase a gift card for $20. I had to use all my secret agent skills to count how many people were in the store, how well the sales person knew their gift card policy etc.

Thanks to my amazing training.......

I was able to complete this part of my nerve wracking mission in about 15 mins. and I managed to escape the store without being spotted.

Trying to  look non-chalant, I proceeded to my car and sat for a second to calm my beating heart. Then off to my next secret location....literally 2 mins away.

Here I was to pose as a shopper (I know, hard eh?) and look around the store, finding something to purchase with the gift card. Again, a nervous wreck at having to portray a woman shopping for clothes, I discovered that the sister store was having a HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC sale.

I was hard tested (NOT) to find anything to buy, but I worked hard at it and eventually managed to make my way up to the cash register. Here I was to secretly observe how the cashier handled the purchase etc.

By this time I had been holding my breath so long that I could not wait to escape the store and regroup. 

I jumped in my car and laughed all the way home!!!!

I had ended up with two t-shirts, four tank tops and a grey cardie, all purchased with a $20 gift card that I will be re embursed for, AND I got paid $10 for the mission!



  1. Way to go girl. Now, that sounds like fun.

    Hope all is well with your son.

    Big hugs from one Army mom to one Army mum

  2. Oooh how fun! Looks like you're a great spy shopper. I've always wanted to be a mystery shopper. Sign me up!!! How do you become one?

  3. You are so funny!! LOL!
    have a lovely week!
    xo, Thili


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