Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Input Needed on Die Cut Machines

Drinking my coffee in bed this morning and catching up on my blog reading, I happened to see on HSN, that Cricut has brought out a new machine.

If I had the money I would really invest in something like this but it is $500!!!!
I had my eye on the Silhouette for Christmas, and it comes in at a much better price.

Does anyone have any input on which is the best machine all around?


  1. Hi Shabby Anne,

    I have only owned the Cricut and no other die cut machine, but I will share my two cents. Get the Cricut Expression. ( preice has come way down and with the introduction of the Cricut Imagine will come down more) Don't wate your money on cartrdiges but instead get Sure Cuts A lot software which works with the Cricut. You can cut any true type font, ding bats, even some clip art images. There are tons and tons of free SVG (scalable vector graphics) that you can cut. The craft edge forum has many talented and generous members who are willing to convert an image into an SVG. I mostly use mine to make stencils for painting signs, etching glass and painting fabric. I also cut the heat transfer vinyl to apply to fabric. It took me a long time and the purchase of many cartridges before I finally bought the sure cuts a lot and have no intention of spending another dime on cartridges. The software is pretty easy to learn as ther are so many good video tutorials. I would do lots of research and see what other people say about the other brands. God luck, I hope you get what will work best for you!

  2. dang, I should have spell checked!!!! One more thing...think twice if you are thinking about getting the Imagine. It's new so there will be lots of bugs that will have to be worked out. Also, think about the money that will have to be spent on ink cartridges


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