Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Girl Can Dream Right?

Since I have not been working I have had to be quite frugal. Basically the only places I go are to the grocery store or Walmart (woohoo I get to look at clothes there). I am not complaining or anything. Actually I realised how little we need to live. I really don't need any clothes or shoes or bags or jewellery or anything like that. Just food on the table and the odd trip to the craft store and the thrift store.
I really would like some furniture in my living room!

It has been empty for about two years now since getting rid of the HORRID old stuff that was in there.

We have a nice den that we re-did before the bottom fell out, so we don't actually use the living room, but I am just saying.......it would be nice.

So today I went virtual furniture shopping! Money was no expense (since I wasn't really spending any) and I gave myself free reign to dream.

For some reason I found myself looking at kitchen tables and thought that if I had a different sort of eat in kitchen, this would look good.

Coastal Living™ by Stanley Furniture Coastal Living™ Round Leg Table - 829-01-34

Isn't it lovely? You could change the chair covers to suit the season or occasion.

This looks really comfy and casual. I love slip covers because you can change those out too.

Or how about this?

Living room decoration trends 2009 2010

Loving this one, but don't think Mr Shabby would be into it. What am I saying?! He had his den!

Now this set has potential. Classic lines and a neutral colour. I could put some great hand made cushions on it to jazz it up and it would go really well with my sunny yellow walls. I am looking at the bare bones here of course. I love to mix things up with bits of antique stuff like side tables etc, eclectic looking lamps, you know the sort of thing. I hate the idea of walking out of a store with a living room in a box.

I think I am on to something....ideas are forming in my head......


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  1. Yes a Girl can dream, dream on Girl!
    I am loving the comfy, casual couch. Ohh la la! Serious nap time there!
    Think I'm gonna have to go on a virtual shopping trip now! Thanks for the inspiration!



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