Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Are REALLY In The Army Now!!!

My younger son, William is firmly ensconced in the Army now. He arrived at his permanent duty station (PDS in Army vernacular) yesterday.  The 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell Kentucky. 

After a day filled with nerves and anxiety he was greatly surprised when an Air Force Colonel bought his dinner for him. Then, when he boarded the plane, he was bumped up to First Class!! I think this boosted his confidence hugely.

Ahh, the bravado of the young!


Another nice thing happened.....I sold another piece from my ShellSeakers etsy shop! 

OK that was the good news......

Not so good news is: my SO was home before me yesterday which caused me to think he was either ill or.....
Yup, his work cut his hours back to part time.

I immediately broke into tears when he told me and guess what he said? "Why are you crying?"

We are barely making it as it is since I work REALLY part time (unfortunately) and jobs are really hard to come by in this part of the world.

SOOOOOOOOOO....this is my plan:-

Not buy any more craft supplies
Use everything on hand to make more items to sell
Ramp up my esty shops and MAKE MONEY
Not get depressed (this is going to be a hard one since I have not had my meds for about 2 months)
SMILE, SMILE and SMILE some more.....

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  1. praying for you guys...your attitude is so good...


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