Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Swap

I recently had a wonderful experience utilizing the Summer Swap guide from oh,hellofriend...... Thiliblooms at has a line of the most gorgeous fabric flowers and she wanted to swap one of them for some of my tags. Naturally I was delighted to do so.

We had so much fun messaging backwards and forwards, and decided to leave the finished products as a big of a surprise.

Here is what she sent to me.

I was delighted to say the least. A delicate flower hair clip that can be converted to a pin or brooch. Her work is flawless. Plus Thili was kind enough to include a fabulous pink flower magnet!
I am now a firm believer in swapping.

Please visit both Thiliblooms and SellSeakers/HandMaidenjustforyou on the etsy website and see if there is anything YOU would like to swap for.


  1. What a Beautiful Blog, love all that is shabby- found you through blog guide- what a great idea..

    Beautiful Rosettes.
    A new follower, ill be back to check ya out.


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