Monday, March 1, 2010

Stains on Vintage Linens

Does anyone have any tips for removing stains on vintage linens? I just got out my stash that has been in storage for ages and ages. I would love to sell some of the pieces but think an attempt to get rid of some of the spots would help ....some of the spots are rusty looking.
I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Merci Beaucoup mes amies


  1. Thanks for visiting. I think that the fail fridays sounds like a fantastic idea! I think that the link up would be great and then tell what they learned in the post. Great ideas. Please come and visit again!

  2. i think soaking them in oxy clean might help...leave them in overnight...then hand wash them....

    or if you feel that might damage them, and honestly i don't know if it might...
    you could just tea stain them so that instead of white, they are even more vintagey looking...and it would only add to their charm!

    hope that helps...



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