Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kudos to Disney @ Ruffles and Stuff!

Mon dieu....I just did a wee bit of sewing for the first time in three years.
It was totally spontaneous (on my part) and also very shabby!
Monsieur Rouge came home with his bag hanging off, so of course it had to be mended. See top right corner where I zigzag'd like a mad woman and re attatched disconnected strap.
If I had not been able to view some basic sewing techniques (like threading a bobbin) I would not have been able to make Mon Amour a happy camper....
Vie la machine a coudre!!!!

So now I know my 'tres bonne marche' sewing machine still works, and I still know how to operate it.....I FEEL A SEWING FRENZY coming on...
a toute a l'heure .....

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