Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday monday, so good to me.....

Start of a new week... woke up feeling a bit blue for some reason. Got over that and went to work. The SO went and filled out all the paperwork for his new job and waited in line with cops and paramedics for a drug test, thinking he would be put to the back of the line. 12.4% unemployment in Florida and he got a job...WOOHOO.
I can only pray it comes with health benefits. After 50 the odds that one will need healthcare are pretty high. I joined an art group challenge, only to be dumbfounded as to what I should make. But I have made a delicious dinner, cubed steak done in gravy for ages to make sure it is tender, baked taters and  veg, all we need now is a lovely pudding for afters (we need?).

This was me in a former life.

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  1. A job is a huge thing especially today. Praying that healthcare is part of the package.



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