Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines to All

I do hope everyone has someone to love on today, whether it be a significant other, a child or a great friend.

I  was blessed to wake up at 6am to loads of cuddles, kisses and "I love you"s. 

Love so can be found a second time around!

How cute is this?! He cut out a shape of a heart, then made cream cheese frosting (my fav) dyed it with pink dye (for food of course) and then decorated it turned out to look's best friend, and I don't mean a dog.

I LOVE MY MAN!!!!!!!

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  1. ohh....that is terribly and fantastically romantic....!!!

    for some reason your follow button wasn't working when I clicked on it...i'll try again in a bit.
    come see me...soon....


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