Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally Fail Friday!

Hmm, ok here is comes, some horrible adventures into crafting (the really, really bad projects I burnt ceremoniously).

First off, for your entertainment, I would like to present my version of distressed crackle made by a well know gentleman....

Now in my estimation this was a huge fail all around. Not only did I not like the product, but it looks like the wooden plaque has been in a fire then painted over. Perhaps I was using it incorrectly, but I threw it away. Not the plaque, that will be sanded down and save.


My first attempt at spray painting a plate. A white plate, I might add. It looks like the polka dots are turquoise. I don't know if you can see from the picture, but where I pulled off the dots, it peeled a bit. Next time I think I will do a reverse pattern.....speaking of....

Am I going dotty or just plain potty? For you non English types 'going potty' and 'going dotty' refer to going mad...which does not mean going to the loo or being angry..hehe.
I bought this mug at the fabu $1 store and thought I would have a go at painting it. I first made a stencil out of double stick red stuff (that comes in tape form too). Then I got out my new DecoColor pen and drew in the dots. I think they look a bit splotchy myself, but when checking out other crafters hand painted pottery using this method, I discovered that this is the nature of the pen. Anyway, not going to make these to sell after all I don't think.


I have an awesome camera and have no idea how to use it properly.


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for popping over to bellascountry and leaving a lovely comment.Next time I'm in a Cath Kidston shop I will pick up some samples for you.Send me your address on my comment form( I won't publish it!) and I will pop them in the post.
    I'm always having failed attempts at decorating but hey,ho,that's how we learn.

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. Hi Anne,

    I have had soooo many failed projects. I don't have the time right not to get the pic's together but if i did.... Not pretty!
    I did learn much though.

    Hope all is going well for your son.
    Jeff and Dorothy (unless the Army makes a change) will be stationed in Hawaii. Jeff should be moving in July, Dorothy after the baby is born.

    Big hugs,

  3. Hehehe, I never thought of taking pictures of my massive fails...but alas there is a place for everything on the web. So glad I found you!!

    I will prepare something and link it back once I have posted.


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