Monday, March 8, 2010

CK here I come....ish

Three days off in a row...and this is only day two! I have been able to get so much done, and am excited to share it with you.

We over here in the good 'ole USA have yet to enjoy the delights that Cath Kidston has to offer. Her books are available, as is some stationary, on Amazon, but anything else one would have to order from the UK. Too spendy for me. So I am on a quest to interpret her look in my own way.

Look what I found in my stash of vintage linens that I haven't looked at for years......  

In a former life in California, I had the great fortune of being able to shop the Rose Bowl Flea
market every month. I forgot that I had bought these about 10 years ago! Vintage aprons that will be cut up and used for some other purpose (they have a few stains etc, obviously well worn by the previous owners). Though I do have to say, I think I will trace a pattern or two from them, they are quite simple to make but lovely just the same.

How about this tea table cloth eh? Pretty sweet. This will stay intact.

I was excited to wake up this morning to an etsy convo from someone who was interested in 12...........12 no less, tags that I had posted in my shop. I had only shown 6 for sale. Naturally I ran off to make them right away....just awaiting her confirmation of purchase.


See that stash of fabric? Not quite CK or Tilda, but looking good for the shabby price.

I spent half the day yesterday scouting fabric sites for anything I could afford, it only cost me abject frustration.
Ten guesses where I went to scout for fabric today....
KK I have champagne taste on a beer budget so to Wallyworld I went.

I won't bore you with the details of how there was no one to serve in the fabric dept. and how I had to cut my own fabric, and how the poor, dear lady didn't know how to ring it up...nor the issues it caused at the check out...


do Not look closely, the fabric is very poorly made, but hey, it's going to work for me...

Just living a shabby life.....*wink*

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