Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So hot I can't do Rednesday...

Good Heavens, it is so hot ( heat index of 104) that I do not really think I can do Rednesday, unless you want a piccie of my red hot sweaty face...No? didn't think so.

I have been venturing more towards cooler colours this week, especially since I am planning (next week) on opening a new Etsy shop for the will be called Shell Seakers yes ladies, a play on words. I am having loads of fun right now working on the items for sale...when the mood hits you have to go with it...
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  1. That's hot. I remember growing up in the North of Mexico with temps. in the 120s +.... Now I don't think I can survive, lol.... but we keep cool with fresh 'aguas frescas', delicious drinks made with fresh fruit.
    Drink plenty of fluis and enjoy some fresh fruits. ;-)

  2. Wow! 104! We're having our typical June Gloom here in So. Cal., thankfully it's not too hot on top of the humidity. I find it so blah making and depressing.

    Good luck with your Etsy shop!

    Happy "Un"Rednesday ;)

  3. It's over 100 in Texas. I can relate. Happy Reds! Hope it cools down soon!

  4. Girl Friend I hear ya! I'm in Tampa and I thought I was gonna melt the 3 times that I had to get in and out of my car today. It's especially hard because I am so Sweet and we all know how sugar melts! ;-)

  5. I've run out of red things to share for REDnesday! That's a lovely white vignette there, with the candles and starfish!
    Happy White Wednesday!
    p.s. Stay cool!

  6. Blimey bet you are baking!!!!!I like the nice weather but when it gets too hot its no fun!!!!xxx

  7. Beautiful display! I'm partial to starfish since I've always loved STAR shaped items, then we were married on the beach! So, my love for stars extended to starfish and shells, etc.

  8. This is too funny! You are excused this week!


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