Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring part deux

Mon Dieu, are you sure it is not Summer that has leapt upon us?
I have been re-staining our front deck. It is only 75 f with no humidity, and I am BOILING! 
Has anyone ever noticed that, as we get older, we are able to tolerate the heat less and less...mind you that could be just moi.

I will take a pic tomorrow of the newly painted surface, then let you see how I shabby it up. I bought an umbrella last year at Tuesday Morning and have never taken it out of it's box. Looking for a stand to put it in, I realised that my beer budget was going to have to take over the champers taste. Sooo...a plant pot filled with QuickCrete, a piece of plastic pipe, and who knows, it might work! It will certainly be fun sharing the results with you.

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  1. Hang in there Anna,
    All will work out stop wearing the old glasses they may also give you headaches :) I hope you get it all taken care of I am somewhat in the same boat as you !...take care I'll see you soon on blogspot :)



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