Thursday, April 1, 2010


I found a new background I really like..gah I swap backgrounds like most of you swap shoes. Well anyway, I might just swoosh it.
BTW I used to own and wear many pairs of shoes, now I wear non-slip work shoes and flip flops. If anyone else wears a size 11 let me know, I have shoes for you!


  1. I hear ya!! I just changed my background and banner...I do love being able to do that...who wants to wear the same sweater for a year right?? It's a lovely background you chose, gets my approval anyhow!

  2. I think switching backgrounds is great fun, Anne! I know people who change them up every week, literally. I suppose it's really up to you and what makes you feel good.

    Now... if only I could grown a few shoes sizes. ;-)

  3. Hello there,thanks for popping by my blog its always nice to meest new followers. I haven't played around with blog backgrounds yet but I'm sure I will. Yours does look very pretty.
    Jenny x

  4. oops that was meet!! not meest, sorry about that.:(


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