Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneeze, cough, hack, Time for a Change

Apart from the allergy rubbish it was a good day. Needless to say work was not worth staying have no clue how to act these days ( we could blog about that 'till the cows come home). 
I came home and did a bit of the usual, the washing and such like. THEN I got on my sewing machine...
More lavender bags are forthcoming for my etsy shop Handmaidenjustfor you if you didn't know lol.
More tea towels: these with some whit involved, probably won't sell at all.

Then I am going to introduce COLLECTIONS.
I went through my fabric stash and realized I had so much I could use in different collections. 
Time to get out of the box and do what strikes me as interesting.
Stay tuned, I am sure you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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