Friday, October 1, 2010

Cake In A Jar

Who knew you could make cake in a jar?
Well I certainly didn't.
I have been a very bad Mummy and not sent my Soldier son any care packages yet and whilst on FB with his girlfriend, it came up that our Armed Forces love receiving cakes in jars.  Apparently when opened, they taste as fresh as when they came out of the oven!

I found a lot of delish sounding cake recipes around the net, so next week I shall be off to buy some canning jars and get to canning some cake!

Things are looking up at the House of Shab. Mr Shabby is starting a new business venture with an old colleague and there is a bit more of a spring in his step these days, bless him.
I am picking up more secret shopper jobs and thoroughly enjoying it (who doesn't like free merchandise, eh?)
I now have to do some research to figure out if it is better to become an L.L.C, to incorporate or to be a Sole Proprietor. 
I am also going to take a free on line book keeping course to see if I can do the books before handing them off to an accountant.
The page might just be starting to turn.

It is Frugalicious Friday and I wanted to show you how frugaliciously thrifty I have been this week in my thrift shopping.

 An old ironstone milk jug and an apothecary jar.....$1.50

Another tray to decorate, two cups to put decals on, vintage buttons and a vintage knife holder that I shall paint....$4.50.

And how about these beauties?  $1.00

The owls I will sell, so let me know if interested.

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  1. I am following from the blog hop. I hope you can follow me back and checking out my latest giveaways.
    God Bless and Happy Friday,

  2. Hi, Cake in a jar wow what a great idea i will have to researce this ;-) Lovely finds. dee x

  3. Oooh, you got some lovely things! Love the apothecary jar, and the milk jug and mugs look in great shape!

  4. Where do you do your shopping?


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