Sunday, October 17, 2010


This week has just whizzed by so quickly.
I have had not time to post or even read any blogs (I have 295 posts waiting for me to read them!).
I got busy and listed some new items in my Etsy shop and for some strange reason I had my best week yet for sales.
I woke up one morning and looked at my shop, only to find some things missing. Then it dawned on me....KACHING...KACHING. They had sold!

Remember this post about the tray I made?

Well not only did one lady buy this and another item, but at exactly the same time someone from England wanted to know how much it would cost to post one to the UK!
Some adorable owl salt and pepper shakers sold to someone I used to know in my former life in Los Angeles, she saw them on my FB page. I also sold a vintage glass jar....the only problem is I can't find it!!!!!

On Friday and Saturday I went on interviews for a job as a manager at Whataburger.
My life is going to change drastically after next week. I will be working 10 hour days and will probably be so tired when I get home that I will fall straight into bed, lol. I am excited but anxious at the same time. I will need to get loads of rest and keep up my strength. I just hope my old body holds up and I don't suffer too many aches and pains. This is the last push before retirement. I have ten years left to save some money and get that 401K built up. I am extremely glad I will have health insurance again.
Mr. Shabby will be able to leave his very shabby job and get going full bore on his new business. He is very excited about that.
I just hope that my insurance covers domestic partners. I did ask that question but so far no answer. Still, with both of us making fairly decent money now, we should be able to pay for his insurance.

It will be such a relief not to have to skrimp so much but I really think that all this time with such a small income has made me realise how much money we spent on totally unnecessary things. Into the savings account it shall go!

So anyway, I suppose the point is, I will be simplifying my life to some extent. I will try to make blog enteries at least once a week, but I am not going to stress over it. I will also be reducing my blog reading list to I don't feel I HAVE to read all of them. I will be having enough stress at work and need to reduce the amount at home. I am one of those people who puts way too much on her plate and then feels terribly guilty and bad because I did not do it all.
I am closing down one of my etsy shops and keeping open the one that sells vintage finds from the thrift shops. That is to say, until I run out of stuff to sell or run out of time to go and find stuff to sell.
I will have to spend less time crafting and creating and be much more choosy about my projects.
My main focus will be on making a career and moving up in the business world so that in ten years I can leave the work force knowing I did a good job and have something to retire on.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness here, but I typed it as it came into my head.

I want to thank all of my dear readers and blogmates that have cheered me on this past year when I started blogging and selling on Etsy. I have met some super people and been incredibly inspired in so many ways by you all. 
I would love it if any of you felt the desire to email me. We could stay in touch like that too.

All that being said, I bid you adieu for a while but you will all be in my thoughts and I will be lurking around your blogs from time to time.  


Anne x0x0x0x

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  1. Hi Anne,
    I am so happy that you got the job! And don't worry--I'm sure your etsy shop will take on wings of its own and you can print business cards and give them out to people you meet thru work...They'll come over to your etsy shop to buy stuff like crazy!!!
    Best of luck and many blessings being sent your way!!!


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