Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dreary Saturday.

Bleh, another wintry day here in Florida (which means it is raining and windy). Snow in England though, so things could be worse. Thank heavens for my studio and lovely pink goodness to brighten things up! I am already over Christmas and moving on to creating beauty for Valentines Day. I will be sharing pictures of some of my projects shortly.

For some reason this Christmas seems really unexciting. I don't feel that 'holiday bustle' in the air. Is it just me or does anyone else sense that? I was hoping to have my son here for Christmas on his leave from the Army, but he has gone home to Los Angeles, so that could well be the reason for my lack of Christmas enthusiasm.

Just to let you know, this is my first attempt at a full blown blog, so bare with me if things are not quite right at first! My inspiration comes from all that I see on the web and the beauteous artwork of The Background Fairy, to whom I am so thankful for the look of my blog.

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