Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bloggers metamorphasis

I think that my blog is going to turn out to be of a stream of consciousness more than anything else! I was looking at a fav blog of mine, "Just Something I Made", and went back a year to view posts. Cathe Holden, the blogger/creator, creative muse, all around very clever person, has changed her focus a couple of times. It is so cool to watch someone evolve. I have the feeling that I am going to follow a similar path. This old steam train is a bit slow getting going, but weeee watch me when fed enough coal and I start to really roll!

Time for work, will write more when I get back. (I feel a roll coming on).

Stopped at the Dollar Tree on my way home from work. I swear you can always find something useful there! I got two rolls of red crepe paper for making Valentine's rosettes, a really cool fold able storage box made from plastic, and a pack of 15 note cards in really nice colours, some of the blank cards are scalloped and the rest are plain. You can never have too many blank cards in your stash, to embellish.

OK so I think I have the posting part of a blog down, next I need to take some great pics so I can give you a visual aspect as well as verbal.

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