Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer is here!

Wow, it is starting to get hot, supposed to be in the 90's this weekend. I am so glad I got a head start on the garden (yard). I just hauled out a load of rubbish to the side of the road. Watered my Mescalun, which is growing like a weed. Not sure about the lavender seeds or the chives, nothing is showing yet. So goes gardening, you win some and you loose some.

As you can see from the above piccies, I made a few things to put in my etsy shop, but hey, if you want to order ahead, feel free....
If you send me a message I will give you all the details.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Not much to report today, just a huge pain in my thumb. 

I somehow managed to bend a pretty much non-existant nail back. This is so why one should not work for a living. Hurt like a wotsit and I must admit I did yell. 

I bought some plants today and put them in the front of my deck. So far too shabby to reveal, but stay tuned.

OK just a wee glimpse. I am doing a red white and blue theme this year in honour of my Enlisted son.
I was thinking about ORBisizing the solar lanterns, they would look really good, but I need to make sure they are working well before.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anyone want to do a swap?

I would love to do a swap with someone, or even a group that we got together. Not sure how that sort of thing works, but gimme your address and I will send you stuff!!
I make so much that it needs to be shared.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Georgia On My Mind..

I had the most wonderful weekend with my son, who is stationed currently in Augusta GA.
I had not seen him for three years, so needless to say it was a great reunion.
We did the typical mother and son stuff: he got a tattoo while I browsed the antique shops lol.
 We ate Puerto Rican food for the first time with some of his buddies. I got to visit the Post and shop with him at the PX. 
Oh yes, my goodies from the antique store...almost forgot to show you!
 I already had one of these milk glass tumblers and found three more...I think I got a good price on them. The thread spools were $5 for all..sweet. And the Jello molds were 35 cents a piece. I will use them for votive holders out on my newly refurbished front deck.

I had a lovely surprise on my way out to the car to begin my journey. I received a parcel from my Mum and in it was.....
Rule Britannia and God Bless 83 yr old Mums who still got it going on.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When one gets older does one have less patience?

Seriously!?, as the kids say...
I suppose I am old school, respect your elders and those in authority over you. Do not answer back etc etc. All the things I taught my boys. It might even be that I was brought up in post war England, things were still really strict.
Ok so the pic looks a bit pervy, but you get the drift.
Yes I know, times were different then. But I am just saying....


so glad that I got that off my chest...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneeze, cough, hack, Time for a Change

Apart from the allergy rubbish it was a good day. Needless to say work was not worth staying have no clue how to act these days ( we could blog about that 'till the cows come home). 
I came home and did a bit of the usual, the washing and such like. THEN I got on my sewing machine...
More lavender bags are forthcoming for my etsy shop Handmaidenjustfor you if you didn't know lol.
More tea towels: these with some whit involved, probably won't sell at all.

Then I am going to introduce COLLECTIONS.
I went through my fabric stash and realized I had so much I could use in different collections. 
Time to get out of the box and do what strikes me as interesting.
Stay tuned, I am sure you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Such Sweet Smells

I am sure this wisteria has been here for many years. Abused often, but still comes out smelling sweet. I thought that the fragrance was coming from jasmine...but mine is semi dead and my neighbours is not in bloom yet. Just another thing that this awful recession has taken it's toll on. We have about 2.3 acres of weeds now instead of carefully nurtured grass. At $70 per month, the lawn spraying service had to go. As I like to say....ONWARDS AND UPWARDS AMIGOS!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"It's a Beautiful Day"

Singing along to U2 in my head....

But what a beautiful day it has been!! The sun shining with very little humidity. One could not ask for more (well ok, maybe a swimming pool). I got loads done around Maison Rouge, felt very productive indeed. One failure though I must tell you about in case you have any input. I printed some graphics onto iron on's for dark fabric, then ironed it on to a bit of leather to make a patch for my hat. For some reason the colour didn't transfer, only the cut out. Glad it was just a scrap I tried it on!

This is a sample of some lavender bags I am making for my etsy shop. They smell totally fab. I am actually sewing the bags myself, none of that bought stuff here..hehe. The fabric is the most wonderful vintage muslin that had been tea dyed.
Some tea towels I have been working on...

Was a bit too shady when I took these pics as you can tell. 
Anyway, new items to go into my store times.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Proud Army Mum Bragging Again

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
My son joined the Army in November and has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride since then.
He loved it, he hated it...some serious thinking was done by him. He thought it was all rubbish for a while and I became quite concerned. When you join the Service you cannot take any meds. I will not go into details.... but.............WHHOOOOOHOOOOO

He just made 2nd Platoon, 1st Squad Leader (verbatim from him, no clue what it means but its a good thing).
He gets to wear a new insignia on his uniform and again verbatim "I want to rank up to Specialist asap".
I joked with him about how having a positive mental 'tude can make such a difference. He said he was thinking about getting about getting a PMA tattoo. I really thought he was being sarcastic (he does have an English mother after all) but he actually MEANT it!!!

Rock the Force!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I found a new background I really like..gah I swap backgrounds like most of you swap shoes. Well anyway, I might just swoosh it.
BTW I used to own and wear many pairs of shoes, now I wear non-slip work shoes and flip flops. If anyone else wears a size 11 let me know, I have shoes for you!

Spring part deux

Mon Dieu, are you sure it is not Summer that has leapt upon us?
I have been re-staining our front deck. It is only 75 f with no humidity, and I am BOILING! 
Has anyone ever noticed that, as we get older, we are able to tolerate the heat less and less...mind you that could be just moi.

I will take a pic tomorrow of the newly painted surface, then let you see how I shabby it up. I bought an umbrella last year at Tuesday Morning and have never taken it out of it's box. Looking for a stand to put it in, I realised that my beer budget was going to have to take over the champers taste. Sooo...a plant pot filled with QuickCrete, a piece of plastic pipe, and who knows, it might work! It will certainly be fun sharing the results with you.